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Have moved!

To anyone who came across this journal, I wish to tell you that I have moved to babycloud_ai so all my future fics will be posted under that name but all of  100 Fics Challenge will still bear the name yesunglover

All of my past fics will be linked back to here but from now on this is where I will dump my rants ^^
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Day off? What day off?

There is no such thing as a day off as a woman. Not unless you're living on your own. Yup, I totally hate this part of being a woman, where you get up when you wish you could sleep for another six hours and was expected to do a whole lot of things ie, your bloody house chores with your mom. It's a total suck fest when my idea of an off day is to simply chill out and do NOTHING! And it doesn't help that my way of working and hers are at absolute odds with each other, for example, I'm definitely the type to hang my laundry indoors rain or shine because I don't want to content with bird craps and other unmentionables but of course I get why people do that but we're well underway with rainy season down here in Singapore and the sun only comes out for a few hours. So why can't she save the energy of picking the half dry laundry up before the sky opens up and pour its contents? That's the deal with old people, they're too set in with their ways just because they used to do everything the hard way and thus expects us to do the same thing as well which I am so not doing even if you pay me millions.

And I have to go to my brother's house to help with wedding preparations which is certainly at the bottom of my list of things to do during my off day when all I want to do is watch the last installment of Harry Potter DVD which my other brother just bought. So do you see? Us women have to do every thing! I sometime think that men have it easy. Other than bringing in the dough and procreating and doing some other stuff which requires their muscles which I guarantee is seldom, they are good for nothing else! Which is the main reason I am never gonna get married. Don't get me wrong, I love men but I scorn them at the same time because deep down inside they're just a bunch of mammy's boy who expects to be served on a silver platter. Just look at my dad, although I'd give him credit that he does help my mom a lot in the kitchen but damn does he gets on my mom's nerves sometimes. So I for one do not see the appeal of marriage but I'm digressing here.

Like I say, what Bruno Mars is singing is definitely the perfect idea of an off day. Now if only they practice moving out of your parents home once your an adult, I would work my ass off just so I could get my own apartment, preferably a shoebox (small space limits the knick knacks you stuff inside) with only the essentials and no black furnitures (I hate them, you can see the dust from a mile away!) so the minimal amount of time would be needed fro cleaning coz I'm no domestic goddess here, I can do them but no one said I should like them so yes that kind of place would be perfect for me who's a class A couch potato.

Too bad they're big on filial piety over here, besides, it won't be doable here in Singapore coz the housing prices here are ridiculously high you have no idea.

Sigh... time to go and be a slave and make nice now. My mom's itching to go *rolls eyes*
preety jongwoon

Working out

I've put on weight... maybe like 2kgs like that but that's still a lot when I actually want to lose like around ten more kgs at least after losing 15 kgs last year. I eat too much and didn't expand my energy as much (you're a library assistant! what do you expect?)

I don't walk as much as last time since the bus stop to work is like just behind my block (I used to walk from my home to the interchange where I took the train to work and walked back from interchange to home at the end of the day which roughly took me about an hour all together) and yeah maybe I should take the stairs back up to my flat (all five floors of it) but I'm just freaking lazy!

So what I did was after I got back from work today, after I showered, I exercised on a whim. Not like taking a walk outside or swim - you know, proper cardio exercises. I only did those simple ones you can do at home. 20 squats, jumping jacks, push ups and stepping, that was what I did, so, initially I was intending to do three sets of those but I was so appalled to find myself only managing two sets! I thought I was fitter than that! I mean I am fitter than some fat people... I guess I over estimated myself huh... So anyway, I'm just gonna stick to it since it doesn't take that much time which I don't have much to spare. I mean If I can't lose anymore than I shouldn't get any fatter right? 

Man... being fat sucks!
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(no subject)

 I'm freaking exhausted!!!!! but I kinda like it, maybe coz i'm still learning and the job isn't that hard overall. Looking forward to my pay coz I've been putting in OT's like crazy you have no idea. I was on the morning shift and I still need to go back there at five! Yesterday I pulled in twelve hours! lagi penat PHEW!!!! mami's working hard baby kekekeke. My sis doing ot too today but she'll be knocking off at five. Damn I miss her already...

Wonder when I'll get my off...
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More books in my future

Landed myself a job as a library assistant. Me and my sis are gonna be shelving books all the time haha imagine all those books. Man it makes me drool. Too bad they don't have a full time for that so we're gonna hafta look for another part time job. I quit the one that I got straight away after I quit the one at the cafe. Don't ask, I'm just following my guts - besides, it might be better this way, I can work around with my schedules and still don't have to worry bout my dad.
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My profession: Job Hopper :p

Yeah... I've quit my job yet again. I didn't like it that much so I'm not gonna divulge into that coz it's just too trying too relieve it. People say beggars can't be choosers and here I am being bloody fickle about it. Somewhere in my head I wanna try new things but I keep going back to the old one sigh... If anyone were to ask me what my sin is, it's the lack of ambition and perserverance haha. Man, that's nothing to laugh about really but I'm actually happy with my choice so I've finally decided that I don't need a new and totally different job, I just need a new place to repeat the monotonous cycle of my job so yeah I quit my job that I lasted for all of two days. So much for my resolution of being more gung ho rather than laid back in life! I'll probably die trying so I'm not gonna waste my time anymore! 

Well at least I got a new job straight away and I start tomorrow morning and this one I can bring my sister along with me on Monday coz they're in need of staff so YAY!!!!!! I'M LIKE SO FREAKING ESTATIC COZ WE'RE NOT GOING OUR SEPERATE WAYS!!!!!

Man, we're so worrisome... It's not like I give a damn anyway coz we're actually dealing with it even if ppl don't realize it (>o<)
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The days gonna bleed into night and the night into day

 I really should be sleeping right now but I just can't and I'll probably regret it later? Not so sure about that right now... maybe I won't haha! The thing is, me and my twin sis got a new job, we'll be working together again YAY! And we're starting tonight. It's a permanent night shift from eleven to eight. I'm yawning even as I'm typing now but I just can't sleep! I'm too psyched! I hope it'll last longer than the ones we had previously. All I can say now is that I'm finally breathing a sigh of relief coz I thought the lady wouldn't call us! It was such a long wait, I was thinking that if she didn't call within this week than I'll have to start to panic coz I really need a job Q_Q And she did! This morning! She asked if we're still interested (she told us to wait for ten days and we ended up waiting for more!) and I was thinking, are you nuts? of course we are! So yeah, we went down to the place just now and got our pass made everything. The place is a bloody maze! I hope we won't get lost later ^^
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Fuck my life!

My life is in ruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck my life!!!!!!!!!!!! If I'm allowed to kill him I would and then I'll kill myself!!!! Why the hell am I so so so stupid GAHHHHHHH So old and still so fucking naive!!!!!!!! Gods I really hate myself!!!!! See, this is the reason why I hate people! You can't even trust your own family except for your immediate ones. Fuck I wish I could push all the blame to him but I can't because the one at fault is me coz I'm such a fucking pushover and have landed myself in a huge debt! Yet again! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Don't you ever learn Ann?! This is not the first time! I feel sorry for my brother, my mom, my dad.... Fuck! Why am I such a useless person *cries* They don't deserve this at all... I wish I could erase my existence, then I wouldn't be such a burden to them. Too bad I can't so for now, I'm just gonna work my ass off.

It's karma TT__TT